ABViewer. Recenzje klientów

ABViewer. Отзывы - Dr. Hermann Tischer, Германия

Die Installation des ABViewers ermöglichte es mir die hpgl-Dateien alter Archtekturzeichnungen erneut einzulesen und maßstabsgetreu auszudrucken. Ich hatte dies seit einiger Zeit auf anderen Wegen vergeblich versucht. Ihr Testprogramm hat mir weitere Versuche erspart. Ich sehe gegenwärtig keinen weiteren Anwendungen dafür, als es meinen Söhnen zu zeigen.

Dr. Hermann Tischer,

ABViewer. Отзывы - Gary Schulberger, США

We use ABViewer to enable review & printing of .cgm format files (part drawing blueprints) that a couple of our customers, supply to us. ABViewer has performed flawlessly for this process, enabling us to assist our customers quickly.

Gary Schulberger,

ABViewer. Отзывы - Al Dika, США

I've been using ABViewer for a few months now. It's an incredible tool. I work mostly in Mechanical desktop 5.0. I have been able to export drawing views into model space, then open them in ABViewer and turn them into PDF files so I can share them with customers and suppliers.
It's simple, It's great.

Al Dika,
Woodpecker Industries,
Harbor Springs, Michigan

ABViewer. Отзывы - Christian Schweitzer, Германия

We use Autocad but need another application for viewing, printing, etc. this files. Many freeware are good applications but are always some kind of compromise. ABViewer fits perfect our needs in handling these files and using ABViewer is very easy, thanks to the user interface which is similar to autocad. The user was very happy with ABViewer and cancelled testing all other competition products. We need redline, batch plot and measurements and some other functionality. It is always good to see, that the vendor offers also a floating license. This kind of application(s) is always my favourite and will be our first choice. Finally, if the vendor also offers the possibility for an upgrade to the floating license so the order is almost done.

It doesn't happen often in my daily work as system administrator, that users give me positive feedback about software. But ABViewer is one of it.

Christian Schweitzer,
IUP ZT-GesmbH - IT Technik

ABViewer. Отзывы - Dirk Hulstijn, Нидерланды

Мой коллега выслал мне кое-какие чертежи в формате DXF и спросил, не смогу ли я открыть и распечатать эти чертежи. Изрядно порывшись в Интернете в поисках наиболее продвинутой в этой области программы, я нашел ABViewer. Мне нужна была программа, которая была бы не слишком громоздка и сложна в работе, которая не требовала бы специальных навыков для работы с ней.

Она работает быстро, имеет понятный интерфейс, и здорово работает с IrfanView

Dirk Hulstijn,